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For guests with upcomingDisney Park Pass reservationsto visitDisney’s Magic Kingdom park, it is important to know that this new ride will not have a regular standby line. If you want to ride your options are to pay for an individual lightning lane or to take advantage of the free virtual ride queue.

Guests will now have an opportunity at 7am to request to join the virtual queue in the My Disney Experience app.

Here are a few important details to know before you arrive:

  • Have the My Disney Experience app ready to go on your phone.
  • Select “Join Virtual Queue” on the home page of the app and follow steps for joining the virtual queue.
  • The app will indicate availability for specific distribution times.
  • Space is not guaranteed, and some guests may join backup groups.
  • Your My Disney Experience account must be linked to your park tickets (including you and the others in your group). You can then enter your entire group in the virtual queue at the same time.
  • Each guest can enter the virtual queue no more than once per day.
  • Turn on push notifications in the My Disney Experience app to be notified when your group is called.
  • You’ll have up to an hour from the time of the alert to go to the entrance of Tron Lightcycle Run.

If you have any questions or need assistance with joining the virtual queue, cast members at Guest Experience Team locations throughout the park are available to assist. While you wait for your virtual queue group to be called, you can enjoy other experiences at Epcot.

Tips For Getting the Virtual Queue

It is important to know that on busy days the virtual queue can fill up in just a matter of seconds after opening. If you are planning on using the free virtual queue you will need to work fast.

Here are some tips to help you grab a pass for this ride:

  1. Get familiar with the app before your trip. Know where the virtual boarding group queue is located in the My Disney Experience app
  2. If you can, have another person also try to get boarding passes. You wont both be able to get them, but if you are both trying you'll increase your chances of one of you grabbing a spot
  3. Have your party selected in the virtual queue on My Disney Experience before 7am. You can select your group starting at 6am (1 hour before the virtual queue opens)
  4. Have the world clock up on your phone or another device. Keep the app open and on the virtual queue (with your party pre-selected). At 2 seconds before 7am exactly, start refreshing the screen
  5. If you don't get a spot, try again at 1pm once you are in the park

You also have the option of buying an individual lightning lane for this ride. So if you don't get the virtual pass that is also an option. The individual Lightning Lanes won't sell out nearly as fast as the free virtual queue.

Getting BOTH Free Virtual Queue and Paid Individual Lightning Lane

If you want to ride twice, you CAN! But you'll need to be quick.

Here is how to get both the free virtual queue and the paid lightning lane for Tron.

First, start with the free virtual queue. The free spots will always fill up faster than the paid ones. Follow the instructions above, and be ready to go before7am.

As soon as you get your free pass, go directly to My Genie Day in the My Disney Experience app. The click on Tip Board.

*TIP: before you start this process go to Genie and find the option to Start Planning Your Day. Here you can select your priorities. Select Tron as a ride priority. This will keep Tron at the TOP of your Tip Board so you can find it immediately.

Once you are in the tip board find Tron in the ride list. Here you'll see the option to purchase Individual Lightning Lane for this ride so you can ride twice!

What if I Miss My Ride Window

If you grab a virtual ride queue or Individual Lightning Lane for Tron, you will be given a window of one hour in which you can get in line to ride.

With Individual Lightning Lane you select your ride time, but with the free virtual ride queue you are called to ride whenever your boarding group is up. So if the ride is running smoothly and you have a low boarding group number, that might be a short wait. If there are any delays on the ride, you might be waiting a while.

So needless to say, people often miss their ride windows. If you find yourself stuck on a ride, eating at a restaurant, or otherwise detained, you may miss your window.

There have been reports of guests who have been turned away for missing their ride windows. This was never the case on previous virtual queues.

So what changed?

In the past, Disney has been extremely lenient with people who are late to ride. Especially with the free virtual ride queue. Unfortunately, Tron is verycool in the evening.

Tron at night

The outdoor portion of the ride is lit up as you fly by other guests. And this has caused some guests to purposely no-show their ride time so they can ride later in the evening.

That is the difference here.

Also, don't try to do this.

It's not fair to Cast Members and other guests to have a rush of guests arrive late in the evening.

Because of this, Cast Members have been turning some people away for missed ride times on Tron.

I decided to test out what would happen if I showed up late to my virtual ride queue. I was in a situation where I was in a restaurant when my virtual queue was called. By the time I finished eating and took a bus back over to Magic Kingdom, my ride time had come and gone.

I got in the virtual queue line and scanned in without telling the Cast Member the situation. I wanted to see if I would be stopped.

And I was.

The Cast Member stopped me and pulled up my ride time. It was then I showed her my restaurant receipt and said that my ride was called while I was eating. She then waved me right in.

It was early evening, not dark yet. But definitely getting close. It was also an extremely busy day at the parks. So I assume this was a part of her decision to stop me. If it had been a slow day, or earlier in the day she might have just let me go without blinking.

I also needed to change my ride time for my paid Individual Lightning Lane. When booking, I knew I wanted to ride in the evening. So I grabbed a later ride time, forgetting that I had also booked a Fireworks Dessert Party that evening.

So I would either miss part of the show or party, or miss my ride window.

This was an error on my part, but I didn't want to risk missing out on the ride. If you find yourself in this situation, head to either guest services (look for the blue umbrellas around the parks), or go straight to the ride and talk to the Cast Member working there checking people in.

In my case I talked to the Cast Member at the ride. Since dessert parties don't have printed receipts (they are prepaid), I had no way of proving that my missed time was because of that. While the Cast Member felt confident I could just tell them when I arrived after the fireworks, she didn't want to risk us having any hiccups. So she was able to change our time manually right there.

The takeaway here is that if you miss your ride window, you are not guaranteed to be let on the ride later in the day. The exception to this rule would be if you have a receipt showing that you were doing something else at the time you were called. Be honest, don't try to take advantage to ride at night, and when in doubt ask a Cast Member for help.

Happy riding!

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