Disney World's Value Resorts Ranked

Disney World has literally dozens or hotel options for you to chose from.

The basic categories of the resorts are:

  • Value Resort
  • Moderate Resort
  • Deluxe Resort
  • DVC/ Deluxe Villa Resort
  • Campground

Here we are going to focus on the Value Resort options. Here you'll find the pros and cons of staying at a Disney World Value Resort, your Value Resort options, and my review of each of these resorts.

Disney World Value Resorts

There are five Value Resorts at Walt Disney World:

Pros of Staying at a Value Resort

1) Price

The first pro is obvious based on the name. The value of staying at one of these resorts can't be denied. You'll find the least expensive rates at these hotels.

2) Fun Theming For Kids

Another pro is that all of the Value Resorts offer theming that is going to be fun for kids. If you are traveling with a group that has young children, the bright colors and whimsical props found around all of these hotels is sure to be a hit.

3) Easy Access to Quick Service Dining

Access to lots of quick service dining options is another big pro of Value Resorts. All of these resorts have quick service dining halls. Each of these dining halls has dozens of meal options as well as fresh bakery goods. You'll also find endless prepackaged items for sale if you want to grab something to go on your way to the parks. So if easy, quick, and less expensive food is a priority the Value Resorts have you covered.

4) Fun Pools

art of animation pool

Lastly, each Value Resort offers multiple pools for you and your family. Several of which have zero depth or splash zone options for younger children.

Cons of Staying at a Value Resort

1) Outdoor Room Entrances

The majority of the rooms at the Value Resorts going to be set up in a motel style. You'll find room entrances are typically outside. This can sometimes mean that these rooms are louder if you are near the main pool area.

2) Less Fun Theming For Older Kids/Adults

Another issue with Value Resorts is that the theming is not for everyone. As I said in the pro column, young kids may like the theming. But if you are traveling with older kids or adults, the theming here may not be for you.

3) No Water Slides

The Value Resorts are the only resort type at Disney World that do not have water slides at any of their pools. While the pools at the Value Resorts are really well done, it seems like a misstep to not have slides available for guests at the pools.

4) No Sit Down Dining

Quick Service dining entrance

If you are looking for a meal nicer than quick service, you'll have to head elsewhere. None of the Value Resorts have sit down restaurants. They are have a cafeteria style restaurant where you grab a tray and purchase your food at a counter only.

Value Resorts Ranked

This is my personal ranking for Disney World Value Resorts. Of course this is subjective, but based on my experience this is where I put each of the five value resorts.

5) All Star Sports

All of the All Star Resorts are essentially the same. The layouts of the lobby and property are almost identical. The rooms themselves are all the same.

The updated rooms at the All Star Resorts are extremely nice. You'll find a queen size bed, and a pull down bed that can put up and used as a table. The room is a great space saver, and I would say three people can fit more than comfortably. Four would be a squeeze.

One of the things that puts All Star Sports lower on my list is the theming. Maybe I'm just not a sports person. I'm not sure. But the theming does not connect with me, and it doesn't feel Disney.

And on that note, this resort is often a first pick for sports or cheer teams coming to Disney World. Which means it can get loud when those groups are there.

4) All Star Music

As I said above, the All Star Resorts are all basically the same. The biggest difference is going to be the theming. So with that in mind, I find the theming at music to be so much better at All Star Music vs Sports. Not everyone likes sports, but everyone likes music!

All Star Music

This resort is also nice because it offers family suites in addition to the standard rooms. This is the only All Star Resort that has that option. So if you are looking for more space at a low rate, this is going to be a winner.

3) All Star Movies

All Star Movies resort

The theming is the thing that brings All Star Movies to the front of the All Star pack. The theming here feels Disney. The Toy Story area in particular is extremely cute. And the Fantasia Pool is adorable.

2) Pop Century

While the rooms at Pop Century are almost identical to the All Star Rooms (a King or Queen bed and a pull down bed/table), Pop Century has something going for it that the All Stars don't.

Pop Century Room photo

The Skyliner.

Having fast and reliable transportation that can take you to two different parks and several resorts is a game changer.

The theming at Pop Century isn't a total win for me. The theme is Pop Culture through the decades. I do love the pop culture shadow boxes in the lobby.

pop century lobby

Here you'll find all sorts of amazing things displayed by year. We enjoyed finding everyone's birth year items. The theming goes sideways when you get to the actual buildings.

1) Art of Animation

Art of Animation has a lot going for it! Which is why it is my favorite Value Resort.

First, the theming at Art of Animation is exactly what you would expect of a Disney Resort. The Cars area in particular is so well done, and offers so many fun photo opportunities.

Art of Animation resort

Second, this resort has three pools. All of which are amazingly themed.

The next amazing thing about this resort is the Skyliner access.

Art of Animation shares a Skyliner station with Pop Century. So you'll have quick and easy access to two parks and several other resorts.

Disney skyliner art of animation stop

The thing that I love the most about this resort is that it is almost entirely family suites. The suites are large, affordable, and well themed. You'll even get two bathrooms! You can get standard Little Mermaid themed rooms, but generally speaking I would skip this room type at Art of Animation.

art of animation resort room

And unlike every other Value Resort, the suites are interior entry. This makes guests feel more safe and also typically makes rooms a bit quieter.

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