Disney World's Moderate Resorts Ranked

Disney World has literally dozens or hotel options for you to chose from.

The basic categories of the resorts are:

  • Value Resort
  • Moderate Resort
  • Deluxe Resort
  • DVC/ Deluxe Villa Resort
  • Campground

Here we are going to focus on the Moderate Resort options. Here you'll find the pros and cons of staying at a Disney World Moderate Resort, your Moderate Resort options, and my review of each of these resorts.

Disney World Moderate Resorts

There are five Moderate Resorts at Walt Disney World:

Pros of Staying at a Moderate Resort

1) Price

While the Moderate Resorts are going to cost more than the Value Resorts (obviously), the price jump isn't typically that high. So you do get quite a bit more resort for not much more money. So if you plan on spending any sort of time at the resorts the value is definitely there.

And that being said, the difference from Moderate Resort to Deluxe Resort is typically a big price jump. So if you chose Moderate you are getting a nicer resort at a fraction of the Deluxe Resort prices.

2) More Adult Theming

The theming at the Value Resorts is definitely over the top. And that is not for everyone. If you are looking for a more adult feel, the moderate resorts are for you. You'll definitely find the Disney touch, but it wont be as "in your face" as the Value Resorts.

4) Pools with Water Slides

Moderate Resorts all have multiple pools on property. Each resort will have one main pool, and that pool will have a water slide. This is a fun upgrade if you are used to Value Resorts, which do not offer water slides at any of the resorts.

Cons of Staying at a Moderate Resort

1) Outdoor Room Entrances

Several of the Moderate Resorts are set up with room entrances that are outside. This can sometimes mean that these rooms are louder if you are near the main pool area.

2) Less Fun Theming For Younger Kids

If you have younger kids in your group, they probably wont find the theming at the moderate resorts as fun as they would some of the Value Resorts.

Moderate Resorts Ranked

This is my personal ranking for Disney World Moderate Resorts. Of course this is subjective, but based on my experience this is where I put each of the five Moderate Resorts.

5) Cabins at Fort Wilderness

The cabins are ranked in last place not because they aren't nice, but because they just aren't a typical resort experience. The cabins are just that. They are small private cabins.

You can drive up and park at your cabin, and you will have access to the campground activities at the Fort Wilderness campgrounds. This definitely makes this a unique option for your stay at Disney World, just not what I would consider a "moderate resort" experience.

4) Coronado Springs Resort

While this resort has an amazing pool, that is about where the uniqueness ends. The resort itself feels like almost any other resort hotel. Don't get me wrong. It is a beautiful hotel. But as far as Disney World theming and fun, this one just doesn't bring it.

Pair that with slow transportation times due to multiple bus stops, and we have a number 4 ranking on the moderate list.

3) Port Orleans Riverside

This resort is on extremely beautiful grounds. If you want a more laid back resort you'll love this one. You can walk or run on a path that goes along the water. You can rent bikes or take a ride on a horse drawn carriage. It's a lovely resort with a laid back feel.

2) Port Orleans French Quarter

This resort is beautiful and the New Orleans theming is so wonderfully executed here.

It is also the smallest Moderate Resort. So navigating this resort is not nearly as difficult as any of the Moderate or Value Resort options.

The thing that people love the most about this resort?


You can find them at this resort at the Scat Cat's Club Cafe.

1) Caribbean Beach Resort

This resort is my sleeper hit! It's often overlooked, but I think that's a mistake. Which is why this resort is my number 1 Moderate Resort.

This resort has access to the Skyliner, which immediately makes it more convenient than the other Moderate Resorts.

You can also relax on the beach or swim one of the two pools. There are also two water slides and even a water cannon!

Not to mention Sebastian's Bistro, which is one of the best resort restaurants in my opinion.

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