Disney World Accommodations with a Family of 5 (or more)

If you are planning a trip to Disney World with a group of 5 or more, you might be concerned about finding a resort to fit your needs, and finding the best travel deals.

I have a family of 5, and have traveled to Disney World with not only my immediate family, but also my extended family. So I have experience taking care of a lot of people at Disney World. Here I'll talk about what resorts can accommodate 5 or more people, and tips for finding affordable flights with kids.

Disney World with a family of 5

Resorts for Five or More

There are several Disney World resorts that can accommodate 5 or more guests in their rooms. You'll have options no matter what your price range is.

Value Resort Suite Options

These suites are incredibly affordable, and will give everyone space. You can have up to 6 people in any of these suites. They are spacious and have 2 bathrooms and a kitchenette (which is a priceless thing to have if you're traveling with small kids).

Moderate Resort Room Options

These are the Disney World Moderate Resorts that offer rooms that can hold up to 5 people. You'll be in a tighter space than one of the value resort suites, but these rooms will usually be more affordable.

Suites, Villas, and Bungalows

You can find all sorts of amazing suite options with Disney's Villa resorts. Your options will range from studio rooms, 1-3 bedroom suites, Villas, and bungalows. You'll find options that can can accommodate anywhere from 5-12 people. So whether you're traveling with kids and want space, or a group of adults, you'll have several options.

Don't let the initial price scare you! You can book these direct through Disney, but you'll be paying a premium. For a lower rate on the exact same rooms you will want to considerrenting DVC pointsfor huge discounts.

Off-Site Resorts for Five or More

There are several off-site hotels that are close to the Disney World parks. Many of which even offer some of the same perks as Disney World resorts. These are the resorts that offer rooms that can accommodate 5 or more people:

For a full list of off-site resorts, check the full article on staying off-site. Here you'll find starting rates, room sizes, and more.

Tips For Picking a Hotel

Keep in mind that sometimes booking two adjoining rooms can be more budget friendly than booking a larger room or a suite.

Take your family's needs in to consideration as well as your budget, and do the math before you book. If you need help, a travel agent can always help you to price out various room options so that you get the best deal.

It is also important to note, if you book a Disney World Resort and want adjoining rooms, Disney will guarantee adjoining as long as the rooms are occupied by yourself and your underage children. They will not guarantee if the guests are over 18.

Affordable Flights With Kids

Flying to Disney World with kids

Flying with kids can get expensive very quickly. Even after you think you've found a great deal on a flight, by the time you are checking out you'll find more fees for picking your seat, checking your bags, carry-on bags, and more.

And if you are traveling with young children, you'll have no choice but to pay to pick your seats to ensure you're sitting next to each other.

While we can't control airline rates and fees, there are some things you can do to minimize what you pay for your flight:

  • Be flexible with dates. You can often save hundreds just by moving your trip a few days.
  • Let your child who is under 2 sit on your lap during the flight. You wont have to pay for a ticket for them unless you want them strapped in their car seat during the flight.
  • Check budget carrier rates. Not all airlines will show up on travel websites. Airlines like Southwest and Frontier often need to be booked direct, and they often have the best rates.
  • Search for flights in an incognito browser. Many travel sites use cookies to determine if you are searching for flights. They can then raise the price to try to get you to book faster.
  • Check to see if booking one way tickets there and back, or mix and matching airlines is cheaper.
  • Use any credit card points you might have towards airline tickets. Many credit cards will even give you extra points for booking travel with them.

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