Laugh along as Alison details the challenges of traveling with 3 kids, surviving a car breakdown, and the pure joy of seeing her young daughter's face light up meeting Mickey! Plus, stay tuned for her expert tips on saving money during her Disney trip.

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Alison and family took a "rest day" during their trip. They went resort hopping on the monorail line.

Alison's non-rest day resort hopping

They also spent the morning at Disney Springs, enjoying it before the heat and crowds set in. And of course shopping for weapons that every 7 year old needs.

Alison's non rest day at Disney Springs

Another outfit change. This time everyone matches!

Alison's non rest day at Disney Springs

The rain was welcome, as it cooled everyone off. But Alison found herself running in a downpour (while her husband stayed dry and photographed).

Running in the rain at Magic Kingdom

The Peoplemover decided to breakdown as they rode. Unfortunately it happened in the portion of the ride that was in pitch black.

The people mover stopped in the dark

During the "blackout" someone handed our not-quite-two-year-old friend a granola bar. And most of it ended up smeared adorably on her face.

chocolate face after the people mover starts moving again

Meeting Mickey was a highlight of this day!

Meeting Mickey

VIP viewing for Happily Ever After was a pixie dust surprise for the family!

VIP fireworks viewing

Don't let this face fool you.. he LOVED riding Tron Lightcycle Run.

A surprised face on tron

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