Double Your WDW

I Heart Tech Nasty Podcast Sticker

Show your love for the popular Double Your WDW Podcast with the I Heart Tech Nasty sticker! This striking sticker is perfect for any theme park enthusiast and podcast fan, with its vibrant design sure to draw attention. The double meaning of “Tech Nasty” may be lost on anyone out of the loop - so Wear it loud and proud and let the world know you’re a Double Your WDW listener today!

The I Heart Tech Nasty sticker is made from super matte vinyl that looks great no matter what surface it's placed on. Perfect for sticking anywhere around your house, car or workplace as a fun reminder of one of the funniest running gags in the Double Your WDW Podcast.

So why not show off your friends, family and colleagues (or even complete strangers!) just how big of a fan you are? Grab yours today before they sell out – join the growing ranks of Theme Park Enthusiasts proudly claiming “I heart Tech Nasty”!