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When heading to Disney World with kids, a stroller is a must. You'll be walking several miles a day. Unless your kid is used to that much walking, you'll want a stroller on hand.

You have several options for strollers (and if you are looking for stroller gear you can check out my gear list here). Here I will discuss the pros and cons of bringing your own stroller, your options for buying strollers, and your options for renting strollers (including a special occasion carriage stroller!).

You'll also want to note that Disney has a few rules about strollers that you'll need to be aware of before you try to enter the parks:

  1. You cannot bring a wagon or a stroller that you pull instead of push
  2. Strollers bigger than 31"x52" will not be allowed in the parks
  3. Stroller wagons are not allowed in the parks


Bringing Your Own Stroller

Bringing your own stroller is probably your best option if you have a child under 3, and you are flying. Your child wont be able to walk through the airport without assistance, so having that stroller with you at the airport will be a lifesaver. 

It is also a great option if you are driving, and you can just toss it in your trunk. This will be a huge cost savings.

Having your own stroller also offers a level of comfort for little ones who may want to nap in the stroller. They know their stroller, and might be more comfortable during your trip.

The downside is getting your stroller through security. You'll have to fold it up and get it through the x-ray while also holding your little guy.

Buying a Stroller in Orlando

If you want to have an umbrella stroller for your trip, but you don't want to drag it with you, buying a stroller in Orlando might be a good option for you.

This is a great option if you have a car. You can stop at a store off Disney property to pick one up. You can also have a cheap umbrella stroller delivered via amazon. Have it shipped to your resort for convenience.

This is a great CHEAP option! It will get you through your trip without breaking the bank or having to lug around a stroller as you travel. And when your trip is over if you no longer want your stroller you can gift it to another family. Spread the Disney Magic!

Renting At The Parks

  • $15/day or $13/day for multi day rentals
  • $31/day for double strollers or $27/day for multi day rentals

Disney gives you the option of renting a stroller while at the park. The upside to this is that their strollers are big and sturdy. An older kid who wouldn't normally need a stroller, but who maybe will have trouble with all of the walking required can use one of these strollers no problem.

The downside? You have to rent in the park. So that takes a chunk of time out of your park arrival. It also means your kid has to be able to walk from the bus stop or parking lot unassisted. Also, these strollers don't recline. This could make stroller naps harder for little ones.

Special Occasion Stroller Rental

Fantasy Strollers

fantasy strollers

*Amazing for a unique experience that will make your child a princess for a day*

  • Rates starting at $132 for 8 hours
  • Get 20% off using code doublewdw20

This company specializes in strollers for little princesses. You will get an amazing stroller similar to Cinderella's carriage. This is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion with your little one. Add a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique visit for a complete Princess experience.

Renting a Stroller From a Third Party

Renting a stroller is a great option if you have a child who can walk through the airport on their own, but walking all day at the parks will be too much. This will save you the hassle of dragging your stroller through security at the airport. 

There are several companies in Orlando that will rent you a stroller for your trip. Some things to note about these companies:

  • All of these companies deliver to your resort
  • Disney resorts require the delivery person to meet the customer at the hotel.
  • All have stroller options for 50-65lb weight limits.  Only some of them advertise a 75lb single umbrella stroller option.
  • All have single and double umbrella stroller options
  • All have lightweight options that are easily foldable.
  • All of them have straps for buckling.

These are the companies that I recommend for third party rentals:

Simple Stroller Rental

Double Your WDW Favorite!

*Most Economical Long Trip*

  • $25-$60 plus $5 daily charge for single or double umbrella stroller
  • Use codDOUBLEWDW for 10% off

Accessories at extra charge. Delivered to Resort by 12pm, returned by 3pm.

Magic Strollers

Double Your WDW Favorite!

*Most Easily Navigated Website*

  • $9-24 per night (depending on trip length) for single or double umbrella

Delivery by 7am, return 4 pm. Most easily navigated website for reservations. Fewer options of strollers available.  Best for ease of booking for those who  only need a stroller. Option of 75lb weight limit single umbrella stroller.

A Baby’s Best Friend

 *Most Comprehensive + Economical*

  • $30-$40 for 1-2 nights for single or double
  • $45-$60 for 3-7 nights for single or double

Also offers cribs, bouncer seats, beds, baby pillows, toys, high chair, (basically all the baby needs ever) and kitchen equipment (toasters, microwaves, etc…)

Delivery before 6pm. $60.00 minimum order total for delivery.  Best option for those who need a stroller + other baby needs also.

Orlando Stroller Rentals

*Most Stroller Type Options and Flexible Delivery*

  • $45-65 for 1-3 nights on single or double umbrella strollers
  • $65-85 for 4-7 nights on single or double umbrella strollers
  • $85-105 for 8-10 nights on single or double umbrella strollers
  • $105-$125 for 11-14 nights on single or double umbrella strollers

Rain covers free of charge when returned. Complimentary cooler. Option of 75lb limit single umbrella stroller.

They offer a $5 discount for military and first responder families.

Choose delivery time: 7:00am – 8:00pm and return time: 5:00AM – 5:00PM.  

Kingdom Strollers

*Most Economical for Short/Medium Trips with a Special Needs Stroller*

  • $45 for 1-3 nights on single or double umbrella strollers
  • $65 for 4-7 nights on single or double umbrella strollers
  • $85 for 8-10 nights on single or double umbrella strollers
  • $105 for 11-14 nights on single or double umbrella strollers
  • $125 for 15-18 nights on single or double umbrella strollers
  • $145 for 19-21 nights on single or double umbrella strollers

Single and double umbrella strollers. Rents special needs stroller. Rents cribs and bedding as well. Rain cover for stroller free of charge if returned. Cooler Bag free.

Apple Stroller

*Best for special needs, not strollers*

Limited types of stroller (2 types, umbrella single or double) but offers wheelchair rentals (3 days = $50.00 plus $5 additional day) and scooter rentals (3-7 days = $105 - $205, each additional day $25) Choose delivery and return time.

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