The Ultimate Disney World Survival Gear List

Traveling to Disney World is an experience.

You'll probably be walking around 10 miles in a day.

You'll be dealing with the Florida heat and humidity.

You're probably carting your kids around.

How do you make your trip comfortable while enjoying the Disney magic?

On my first big trip to Disney I knew there were going to be things I needed to buy to keep everyone happy and comfortable. These are the items that I have used and loved over the years. Every item on here is something that I personally own and have used at Disney World. These are the items that will make your vacation more comfortable, cooler, easier.... you get the point.


clarks shoes

I am asked all the time about what shoes to wear at the parks. I can only speak to what works for me. I personally love flip flops. And my favorite are Clarks Arla Flip Flops. They have fabric top, and are soft and light. I have crazy tan lines on my feet because I wear these all the time, and walk literally for miles in these shoes.

For my kids I like Keen Sandals. They are comfortable. They are waterproof. They are sturdy. All of the things that my kids need.


You know what they say about rain at Disney World, right? If you pack a poncho it wont rain.

Ok, that just isn't true. As I have multiple photos of me standing in the rain in a poncho. But they are a great thing to pack. You can buy a bundle of cheap ponchos from Amazon before your trip, and carry a few with you every day to the park. When it starts raining and everyone runs for cover you will be happy you have it as you continue to stroll to your next ride!

Stroller Fan

stroller fan

This is a must. I bought two of these stroller fans. One for the baby, and one for me while I was pushing the stroller. I clipped one facing the baby, and I clipped another one on the handle facing me.

My husband thought I was a genius.

Orlando is HOT almost any time of the year, so keeping everyone cool and comfortable will be a high priority. At times we even unclipped the fans and carried them with us to stay cool.


backpack for the parks

When you're walking around the parks you might want a place to store some of your extra items. Any food you bring in, your extra phone charger, water bottles, baby essentials... you get the idea.

I love the JanSport backpack because it's durable, but light weight. It has a mesh pocket for water bottles. It has tons of inside pockets. You even have your pick of tons of fun designs. It's my pick for an awesome backpack for the parks.

Baby Carrier

Baby carrier for Disney World

I LOVE this baby carrier. Especially for all of the movement at Disney World. A baby sling just doesn't do the trick. You are doing a ton of walking. In my experience, my little one is squirming and trying to see everything her little eyes can see. This is the carrier that keeps her secure.

Plus my husband doesn't mind wearing it.

It's also awesome because on rides where baby can sit in your lap you don't need to take them out of the carrier. You just sit down, and she is sitting in your lap, but still safe and secure.

Umbrella Stroller

Disney World umbrella stroller

I searched long and hard for the right stroller to take to Disney World. I have owned every type of stroller you can think of. Cheap umbrella stroller to ridiculously expensive jogging strollers. I LOVE this stroller for travel. It is light weight. You'll be so grateful for that when you are folding and carrying the stroller at the airport or on the buses at Disney.

This stroller particular stroller is the Summer Infant 3D Lite umbrella Stroller. It has a storage basket on the bottom (which most light weight umbrella strollers don't), and when you are walking around Disney all day you'll be glad you have it.

You can even get this in fun colors. I bought the bright pink one. I could see my stroller from a distance at the stroller parking. If you've never experienced stroller parking, it can be crazy. Think a hundred strollers lined up. And a Cast Member moving your stroller around to make room for more strollers as they come in. It's easy to lose your stroller in the chaos. A bright color will be your life line.

Lastly, this stroller reclines! That was the selling point for me. I knew my little one would be napping here and there. I wanted to be able to recline her stroller and let her pass out as needed.

Stroller Cover

Disney World stroller cover

This was one of the most useful things that I purchased for my trip. This cover folds up easily and can be thrown in the storage under your stroller. It goes on easy. You can use it if your baby needs some shade, or if you want your baby to nap in the dark.

It's also fantastic if it starts raining. While the rest of us were throwing on ponchos, my baby was able to just chill in her stroller without getting a drop of water on her.

You may even want to keep it on your stroller in the stroller parking. I can't tell you how many times I've come off of a ride to find that it had started raining. This will keep your stroller dry while you are off doing other things.

Toddler Distraction Items

When you are standing in line with a little one, you will find they aren't as patient as you would hope. There is a ton of squirming. Sometimes complaining. And a lot of "How much longer?" I kept stickers, glow sticks, and bubbles on hand to keep everyone happy while we were waiting.

Fanny Pack

Disney World fanny pack

Oh boy do I get a lot of controversy regarding my fanny pack. I LOVE my fanny pack. If you look through any of my Disney photos there is a good chance you will see a fanny pack around my waist. I won't hit the parks without it.

I can hold 6 diapers, a travel pack of wipes, stickers, glow sticks, my phone, cash, my ID, and more. It is the most convenient way to carry my stuff. 

Haters gonna hate. Wear your fanny pack proudly!



These headphones are a MUST for toddlers. If you are flying or taking a road trip to Disney World even the best little travels will get fussy and bored. I tried several different types of soft headphones with my daughter. She hated all of them. These were the first (and only) headphones that she wears comfortably.

Before any family trip I will download a few episodes of Mickey Mouse Club House on our family iPad, and have the cozyphones ready to go. As soon as she gets fussy I have my secret weapon handy. Squirmy babies can enjoy their favorite show while you fly or drive.


Still confused or need help?

I am happy to help! Contact me.

See you at the parks,

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