Rise of the Resistance - Ride Information and Ride Video

Rise of the Resistance overview

Rise of the Resistance is the second ride to open in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Hollywood Studios. It is unlike any other ride at Disney World.

Here you'll learn where to find this ride in the park, the premise of the ride, what to expect, common questions, and a full ride video.

*Note that there are ride spoilers in this article and video*

Rise of the Resistance Location

This ride is located in the Galaxy's Edge land. There are two entrances to this land. The ride is located at the entrance by Muppet Vision 3d. See the map below for exact location.

Rise of the Resistance map

Rise of the Resistance Height Requirements

This ride requires all riders to be 40" or taller. Because there is a height requirement,rider switchis an option for groups with children who do not meet this requirement.

Rise of the Resistance FastPass

Currently this ride does NOT use the FastPass+ system.

If you want to ride Rise of the Resistance you will need to get a boarding pass. This boarding pass is essentially a virtual line for the ride. You get your boarding pass and are called when it is your turn to ride. The amount of time you are given to return will be anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

To get a boarding pass you must enter the park and then open the My Disney Experience App. On the home page of the app you will see information on getting a boarding pass for the ride.

Note that boarding passes have been filling up quickly. Since this system has started the boarding passes have been gone by the first hour of park opening. So arrive EARLY.

Cast Members have been letting guests in to the park early, but boarding passes don't actually open up until the park is officially open. This means that it doesn't matter if you walk in to the park when Cast Members let everyone in approximately 30 minutes before opening, or if you waltz in right as the park opens. Everyone can open the app and grab a boarding pass at the same time.

There is no way to guarantee your ride time. But to make sure you get the soonest possible boarding pass have your My Disney Experience app open and ready to go when the park opens.

If you do arrive to the parks later in the morning, you might still have a chance to ride. Disney has been offering overflow boarding passes. Basically these are extra boarding pass groups created in case there are so many no-shows to their boarding pass (and yes it happens. People grab boarding passes hoping to use them, but then don't show up at their scheduled time). If you get an overflow boarding pass you are not guaranteed a ride on Rise of the Resistance. But if there is space available, you will be notified and able to ride.

Are There Drops on Rise of the Resistance?

There is one very small and quick drop. It is minimal, and almost feels more like a quick jolt rather than a drop. I would not worry about this ride if you are concerned about drops.

Rise of the Resistance Motion Sickness

This ride does use several projection screens and some motion simulators, but they are minimal in the length of time you are looking at them, and the odds of them causing any sort of motion sickness are low.

The majority of the ride is in the trackless ride vehicle. It does move somewhat quickly, and it does take several turns, but the ride itself is very smooth.

The risk of getting motion sickness on this ride is low.

Rise of the Resistance Ride Premise

*Spoilers ahead

This ride puts guests in the middle of a battle between the resistance and the First Order.

In the ride's pre-show you learn that you are a part of a resistance team that is no longer safe on Batuu. You are being transported by Lt Beck to a rendezvous point to meet up with General Organa. But it is important that you keep the location of the base a secret.

You enter a second pre-show on the transport ship. Lt Beck is present as an incredibly impressive animatronic. This part of the pre-show does have some movement, but it is minimal. You are standing the entire time, but there are rails to hold on to if you are concerned.

While you are on the ship First Order tie fighters attack. A tractor beam pulls your ship in to a nearby Star Destroyer, and your ship is boarded by Cast Members/First Order.

When you exit the ship you are then on the Star Destroyer, and brought in to an amazing room with Storm Troopers lined up menacingly.

You are then brought in to an interrogation room, where Kylo Ren (in a realistic 3d screen appearance) is ready to begin his interrogation of your group before he is called to the bridge.

Just then, members of the resistance/Cast Members, cut through the wall of your interrogation room and bring you to droid driven vehicles to help you escape. You drive through the Star Ship trying to avoid Storm Troopers, Kylo Ren, and first order droids all trying to stop you.

You finally make your way to an escape pod, where you are able to get free and make your rendezvous.

This ride includes animatronics, projection mapping, 3d effects, a trackless ride vehicle, and so many other amazing visual effects.

Rise of the Resistance Full Ride Video

This video is a FULL RIDE VIDEO. It contains portions of the ride's queue, the entire pre-show, and the full ride. It is full of spoilers, so only watch it if you want to see the full ride before you head to the parks.

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