February at Disney World

The kids are all in school, and the crowds are mostly low. What a fantastic time to get out of the snow and hit the parks!


You can expect to see cooler temperatures in the month of February. Pack layers. You'll most likely see warmer days, but chilly evenings.

If you are planning on hitting the pool it might be a little cool, but the Disney World resort pools will be heated.

  • Average high of 74 degrees
  • Average low of 53 degrees
  • Approximately 4 days of rain this month
  • 71% average humidity

Crowd Levels

Crowd levels are mostly low in the month of February. The exception is President's Day. You'll find high crowds on this weekend, as most schools have long weekends.

It's also important to note that because of the lower crowds this is when Disney often will do refurbishments on rides. So expect to see some rides down for routine maintenance during this time.

The following events happen in February, and could cause a spike in crowds:

  • Presidents’ Day
  • Festival of the Arts

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