Everything You Need to Know About Magic Bands

When you visit Disney World you have the option of using Magic Bands during your trip. Here I'll discuss what a Magic Band is, what it can do, and whether or not you need one during your trip.

Magic Band+

What Are Magic Bands?

Magic Bands are waterproof rubber bracelets that you wear during your trip. They have an RFID chip inside them that allow you to do some amazing things while at Disney World. These bands can be used during your Disney World vacation for park tickets, your resort room key, charge card at the parks and resorts, magical express voucher, photopass voucher, and more.

What Can A Magic Band Do?

Magic Bands can do a TON of cool things:

  1. Park Ticket: Your Magic Band will act as your park ticket during your trip. You will scan your band upon entrance to the parks.
  2. Disney Resort Room Key: You will scan your band to enter your resort room during your trip.
  3. Room Charge: You can use your band at any of the resorts, parks, water parks, and Disney Springs for room charges. Your band will be linked to the credit card you have on file.
  4. Genie+: Your band will have your selected Lightning Lane rides linked to it. You will scan your band to gain access to your Lightning Lane rides.
  5. Photopass Photos: When a photopass photographer takes your photo they will scan your Magic Band so that you can (usually) instantly see your photos on the My Disney Experience App. Ride photos show up automatically (which is REALLY cool). You don't need to do anything. They will pop up in your app as well.
  6. Dining Plan Credits: When using your dining plan credits you will scan your Magic Band.

How Do I Get A Magic Band?

You can purchase a Magic Band before or during your trip to Disney World at shopdisney.com or at most gift shops during your trip. To make sure your band is linked correctly you can log in to your My Disney Experience App. To get there log in, and find the Magic Band option in the drop down menu.

Magic band

If you have a Magic Band from a previous trip that you would like to use, you can make sure that the band you have is still linked to your account.

What If I'm Not Staying On Disney Property?

If you are not staying at one of the Disney World resorts, you will not need a Magic Band, but you can still purchase one online or at Disney World if you would like to have one. If you are not on property you will not find as many uses.

If you are doing a one time visit to Disney World and you aren't staying on property, I don't recommend buying a Magic Band unless you really want to have it.

How Do I Control Who Can Make Purchases?

When you set up your preferences on the My Disney Experience App you will be asked to set up a pin. That pin will be used by your group for making purchases with your Magic Band.

You can also set food and charge preferences on your account at your resort. At the front desk they can limit members of your group (usually children) from making purchases.

What Happens If I Lose My Band?

If you lose your Magic Band you can deactivate it from the app or you can stop by guest services or the front desk of your resort. They can deactivate the band for you.

Other Important Things To Know

You cannot share Magic Bands with other people in your group. Your band will be linked to you in the app. And as tickets are not transferrable, you wont be able to use someone else's to get in the park.

A Magic Band cannot be used to track you or a lost child down in the parks. While they ARE used at Be Our Guest Restaurant to make it seem as if your food magically found you, don't expect that technology to be able to find a lost member of your party.

While you can make all of your charges with your Magic Band, you will probably still want to bring your ID and some cash or a credit card with you. I have witnessed the system go down when a server is trying to scan my band. I have also been asked to confirm my age when purchasing alcohol. So having an ID on you is always a good idea.

Still Confused or Need Help?

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