Everything You Need to Know About Disney World Transportation

Disney World offers SEVERAL transportation options. From getting to Disney from your home or airport, to ways to get around Disney property, there are endless options for transportation.

Here we will discuss the various transportation options, how to use them, and where you can find them.

Driving and Parking at Disney World

*Convenient but pricey if staying off-site*

disney world parking

If you decide to drive to Disney World, you will need to know where you can park and what kinds of parking fees to expect.

If you are staying at a Disney World resort, parking at the resorts and the parks is complementary.

    When you arrive at the entrance gate a Cast Member will scan your Magic Band, or they will look up your reservation by last name.

    If you are staying off-site you will be charged to park at the parks:

    • $25/day regular parking
    • $50/day preferred parking

    The waterparks and Disney Springs both have free parking

    All parking lots at the parks are themed so you can find your car later. You can also use the car locator feature in the My Disney Experience app to keep track of where your car is located.

    Parking spots that are farther away have trams that run every 5-10 minutes to take you closer to the park gates. At the end of the day be prepared with that photo of your parking spot. The tram drivers will call out the lot and row numbers so you know where to get off.

    Parking at the Magic Kingdom is a little different than the other parks. When driving to the Magic Kingdom you actually will park at the Transportation and Ticket Center. From there you can take the monorail or ferry to the park. If you are going to drive to this park, I suggest you give yourself some extra time.

    Magic Kingdom transportation map

    Mears Transportation

    After Disney's Magical Express ended (this was the free transportation that used to be offered from Orlando Airport to Disney World Resorts), Mears Transportation stepped in to offer service from MCO to Disney World.

    You can book your shuttle from Orlando International Airport (MCO) to any Walt Disney World Resort on theMears website.

    You'll have 2 options:

    • Standard Shuttle
    • Premium Shuttle

    You'll select your option on the website.

    Next you'll enter all of your flight and passenger information.

    You'll need to have your flight numbers on hand, as the arrival and departure times will auto populate based on the flight numbers and airline information that you provide. You will then be prompted to prepay for your shuttle service through the website.

    When using the Mears Shuttle to get to your Disney World Resort, you have 2 options.

    Standard Shuttle

    Your first option is a standard shuttle. This option will require you to check in and ride with other passengers in a large shared vehicle.

    You'll be riding in either a bus or a van, and may have multiple stops on your way to your resort.

    Express Shuttle

    This option will give your group direct service to your resort with little to no wait time. You will be taken directly to your resort with no other stops.

    The prices for the standard service are as follows:

    One-Way $16 Per Adult $13.50 Per Child
    Round Trip $32 Per Adult $27 Per Child

    The prices for the express service are as follows:

    Round Trip $250 for up to 4 people
    Per Additional Passenger $55

    You will board Mears Connect on the B side, level 1 (ground transportation level). Follow signs to Mears Connect to find our reception area.

    If you are familiar with Magical Express, this is going to be in the same location that Magical Express is currently located.

    For the Standard shuttle, you will have a scheduled meet up time for your return shuttle. It will be scheduled for up to 3 hours before your domestic flight, or 4 hours before your international flight

    For Express shuttles, you will have a scheduled meet up time for your return shuttle 2 hours before domestic flights and 3 hours before international flights.

    You will receive a confirmation email with exact pickup times.

    The Monorail

    *Free and convenient if you are on the monorail line*

    Disney world monorail

    The monorail is a free transportation service that can take you to any of the following locations:

    • Magic Kingdom
    • Epcot
    • Transportation and Ticket Center
    • The Contemporary Resort
    • The Polynesian Resort
    • The Grand Floridian Resort

    There are 3 services:

    • Express: Runs from Magic Kingdom to Transportation and Ticket Center
    • Resort: Runs from Magic Kingdom to Contemporary, Polynesian, and Grand Floridian Resorts
    • Epcot: Runs from Epcot to Transportation and Ticket Center

    The monorail is a great, free transportation option if you are staying at one of the 3 resorts on the line. It is also convenient for hopping from Magic Kingdom to Epcot.

    A perk of the monorail when you are traveling with small children is that you do not need to take your child out of their stroller when riding. You can leave strollers open and children seated.

    *Note: If you are staying at a resort on the monorail line, buses to and from Magic Kingdom and Epcot may run less often to encourage guests to use the Monorail

    Disney Buses

    *Free, but not always convenient if you have a stroller*

    Disney offers complimentary bus service from all resorts to the parks and Disney Springs, and back. Buses run approximately every 20 minutes, and can be tracked using the My Disney Experience app.

    Buses start running as early as an hour before park opening (but you will want to check with a Cast Member if you are looking to get to a park super early).

    If you are taking a bus with a small child you will need to take your child out of the stroller and fold it up before getting on the bus.

    Disney Ferry Boats

    *Free and convenient if you are on the ferry line. The waits can sometimes be long*

    Disney World Ferry Boat

    Another popular and fun form of transportation offered for free at Disney World is ferry boats. There are multiple routes that run to resorts, parks, and even Disney Springs.

    Ferry boats run approximately every 15-20 minutes, weather permitting. The ferry boats will stop running if there is lightening, so if you think inclement weather is on the way you might not want to jump in the line for the boats.

    One perk of the ferry boats is that you can leave your child in their stroller while on the boat. You won't need to take them out and fold up the stroller like you would if you took the buses.

    Ferry boats to the Magic Kingdom run from the following resorts:

    • The Grand Floridian Resort
    • The Contemporary Resort
    • The Polynesian Resort
    • Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds
    • Wilderness Lodge
    • Boulder Ridge Villas

    Ferry boats going to Epcot and Hollywood Studios are available from the following resorts:

    • The Boardwalk Inn
    • The Beach Club
    • The Yacht Club
    • The Swan and Dolphin Hotel

    Ferry boats going to Disney Springs are available from the following resorts:

    • Port Orleans French Quarter
    • Port Orleans Riverside
    • Old Key West Resort
    • Saratoga Springs Resort

    *Note: If you are staying at a resort that has a ferry boat line, buses to and from the parks that the ferry boats run to may run less often to encourage guests to use the ferry boats

    Minnie Vans

    *Super convenient. Can be expensive*

    Minnie Vans at Disney World

    Minnie Vans are the newest form of transportation at Disney World. It is a super convenient way to get anywhere you need to go on Disney property.

    To get a Minnie Van you must install theLyft app (use codedoubleyourwdw to get a discount on your first ride) on your phone. When you schedule a ride through the app you will be given the option of the type of car that you want. Choose the Minnie Van option, and they show up wherever you are.

    Minnie Vans are convenient because they come to you when you call. They also have 2 car seats available in all of their vehicles. So if you are traveling with small children this can be a HUGE life saver.

    They are driven by Disney Cast Members, so they are fun and have great customer service. I personally love talking to the Cast Member during the rides. They are full of fun Disney knowledge.

    Pricing is steep on this service. And there is no set price amount. You'll be quoted a price on the app depending on where your starting and end points are (similar to the regular Lyft cars).


    *Convenient. Minimal fees*

    The Lyft app (use codedoubleyourwdw to get a discount on your first ride) is a ride share app you can use to get around at Disney World (or if you want to get out of the Disney bubble, but don't have a car).

    You can put the app on your phone, and call a car to pick you up as needed. This can be incredibly convenient after a long day if you don't feel like waiting for the buses.

    Lyft cars wont have a car seat unless you opt for the Disney Minnie Van option. So if you have small children this probably wont be an option.

    Pricing varies depending on where you are traveling. When you request the car you'll get an estimate on pricing when you confirm.


    *Convenient. Minimal fees*

    Taxis around Disney World are easiest to find at the resorts. Many of them have car seats (I found this when I was in a bind trying to get somewhere with a baby, and found that when I spoke to the cab driver he said that most taxi vans do have car seats).

    This is a great option if you need to get somewhere quick and don't want to wait for Disney transportation. It is also a great option if you are looking to get out of the Disney bubble, but you don't have your own car.

    Fees vary depending on how far you are traveling.

    The Disney Skyliner

    Disney Skyliner Gondola

    The Gondola system, called Disney Skyliner, is the newest form of transportation at Disney World. What makes this form of transportation especially exciting is that it gives guests staying at Value Resorts a free form of transportation other than the buses.

    The Skyliner will connect Epcot and Hollywood Studios to Art of Animation, Pop Century, Caribbean Beach Resort, and the new Riviera Resort.

    Guests at the Skyliner resorts may see long lines in the mornings, but don't let that concern you. The Skyliner lines move extremely fast. It is quick and efficient, and my favorite way to get around Disney World.

    There are two lines. The Epcot line and the Hollywood Studios line. The lines connect at Caribbean Beach Resort.

    Disney Skyliner Map

    Each gondola is adorably themed after Disney characters and movies. They aren't air conditioned, but they have mesh panel windows and move at 11 mph, so guests will remain cool during the ride.

    Guests who need more time to enter and exit the gondolas will be able to do so easily. The gondolas can be pulled off the line easily so that you have more time to get on and off. And once everyone is ready, they are seamlessly brought back on to the track. This is great if you have someone with a wheelchair, scooter, stroller, or you just need a little extra time to get on and off. Cast Members will be able to assist.

    *Note: If you are staying at a resort on the Skyliner line, buses to and from Hollywood Studios and Epcot may run less often to encourage guests to use the Skyliner

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