Disney World Resort Airline Check-In

Disney World Resort Airline Check-In

Traveling to Disney World means that you are in the Disney World bubble. There is free transportation to get you to and from resorts, parks, shopping, and more.

You even have the option of using free transportation to and from Orlando International Airport, and having your luggage delivered to your resort room.

But what many people don't know is that you can also have your luggage delivered from your resort to the airport for your flight home.

Resort Airline Check-in at Disney World is an easy and convenient way to check in to your return flight and have your luggage checked before you even get to the airport.

How Does Disney Resort Airline Check-In Work?

You can find resort airline check in desks at each Disney World resort. You'll find them at or near the lobby of each resort.

Here are the key things you need to know to take advantage of this service:

  • The desks are only open from 5am until 12pm
  • Flights that depart before 8am are not eligible
  • You must check in at least 3 hours before your flight
  • Delayed flights may not be able to use this service

To use this service you simply bring your luggage to the desk at least 3 hours prior to your flight (or when you are getting ready to depart on Magical Express). Your bags will be checked and you'll be issues a boarding pass for your flight.

Airlines That Accept Disney Resort Airline Check-In

The following airlines participate in Disney World Resort Airline Check-In:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Airlines (Domestic Only)
  • JetBlue Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • United Airlines

Tips For Resort Airline Check-In

There are a few things to keep in mind if you are going to be using this service

  1. You don't have to use Magical Express to use Disney Resort Airline Check-In. Anyone staying at a Disney World resort is eligible.
  2. This service is similar to curbside check in at the airport. So even though it is not required, I strongly encourage tipping. Usually $1-2 per bag is appropriate.
  3. If your bag is oversized it wont be accepted. You will have to check it yourself at the airport
  4. If there are any unpaid check baggage fees you will have to pay those
  5. Hyphenated names or names with a suffix may cause issues at the desk and require you to check in at the airport

This service is free and easy to use for any Disney Resort guests who are traveling with participating airlines.

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