Disney Genie and Lightning Lane FAQ

Disney Genie FAQ

What is the difference between Disney Genie andLightning Lanes?

Lightning Lane is simply the name of the shorter ride queue. When you purchase Genie+ and select your ride, you will head to the Lightning Lane ride queue at your ride time. 

Disney Genie is the service included in the My Disney Experience app. There are essentially 3 parts to Disney Genie. I'll break them down here:

  • Disney Genie: This is the free service that is included with the My Disney Experience app. Genie will get your preferences and help you plan your time at the parks by providing a mapped out itinerary. All guests will have access and can use Disney Genie during their time at the parks.
  • Genie+: This is a paid upgrade that allows you to select one attraction at a time throughout the day, and skip the regular ride queue in favor of a shorter Lightning Lane (formerly Fastpass queue). 
  • Individual Attraction Selection: This is the option to purchase Lightning Lane access a la cart on select "big ticket" rides (think Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Flight of Passage). These rides will NOT be a part of the Genie+ ride list. So this will be your only way to skip the line on these rides. You can schedule a time to arrive at up to two highly demanded attractions each day using the Lightning Lane entrance.

When will Disney Genie and Genie+ be available?

Disney Genie does not have an official start date. Disney has announced they expect it to be available this Fall. This page will be updated when we have an exact date.

What does Genie+ cost?

Disney Genie+ costs $15 per day, per ticket.

Can I buy Genie+ or Lightning Lane for just 1 day, or does it need to be the entire length of my ticket/resort stay?

If you purchase Disney Genie+ ahead of time as a part of your trip, you will only have the option to buy for all of your ticketed days (5 day ticket would mean 5 days of Genie+ added).

You can add just a single day if you buy through the app.

So you can plan your use of Disney Genie based on your ride priorities, crowd levels, your schedule, etc.

What does Genie+ include?

Genie+ works very similarly to the Maxpass system that was previously in place at Disneyland. You make one ride selection at a time, and are given a time to head to the ride and get in the Lightning Lane ride queue.

While not yet confirmed, if this system works like Maxpass, you would then be able to chose your next ride about 2 hours after your first selection.

What does Lightning Lane a la cart purchase cost?

Pricing for this option will vary by date, attraction and park and will be announced closer to launch. This page will be updated when we have information on pricing.

Can I combine Genie+, Lightning Lane purchase, and regular virtual queue for Rise of the Resistance?


You can purchase Disney Genie+ for $15, you can also add individual rides a la cart, AND you can join the virtual boarding queue for Rise of the Resistance!

If you plan on doing all 3, it's important to keep in mind that all of these ride selections become available in the app at the same time. So you may need to work quickly to secure ride times on all 3.

What will happen to My Disney Experience?

My Disney Experience will still be the app you need to use Disney Genie. We should see an update the app in the near future and the new Genie option should appear.

What rides will be included in Disney Genie+?

We do not yet have a full list of rides, but we do know that Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountain, and Smugglers Run will all be included.

While we don't yet have confirmation, I would expect that all rides that previously used the FastPass system will now be a part of Genie+ and/or individual Lightning Lane purchase.

This article will be updated when we have the full list of rides.

What rides will be included for Lightning Lane purchase?

We do not yet have a full list of rides that will be included for individual purchase of Lightning Lane.

We have confirmed that Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Rise of the Resistance will be included.

My best guess for rides (this is what I think will be included.. it is not confirmed):

  • Magic Kingdom
    • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
    • Tron
    • Test Track
    • Remy
  • Hollywood Studios
    • Slinky Dog Dash
    • Rise of the Resistance
  • Animal Kingdom
    • Flight of Passage

Once we have confirmation on rides, this article will be updated.

What happens to current virtual queues for Rise of the Resistance?

Nothing will change if you want to grab a FREE virtual boarding pass for Rise of the Resistance. You can read more about getting a boarding pass here.

If you don't secure a free boarding pass, or prefer not leaving it up to chance, you also have the option of paying for individual Lightning Lane access for Rise of the Resistance.

What time can I reserve Lightning Lane rides?

If you decide to purchase individual Lightning Lane access you can do so at 7am on the day of your visit if you are a Disney Resort guest.

If you are staying off-site you can purchase when the park opens. 

Keep in mind that 7am is the same time that Genie+ can reserve rides, and the same time that free virtual boarding passes for Rise of the Resistance open. So if you plan on doing more than one option you may need to work fast.

What time can I reserve Genie+ rides?

If you have Genie+ you can reserve your first ride starting at 7am. This time is for all guests, regardless if they are Disney Resort guests or off-site guests.

Keep in mind that 7am is the same time that individual Lightning Lane rides can be reserved, and the same time that free virtual boarding passes for Rise of the Resistance open. So if you plan on doing more than one option you may need to work fast.

Can I use Lightning Lane/Genie+ if I am park hopping?


Currently park hopping begins at 2pm. If you have park hopper tickets or an annual pass that allows hopping you can reserve rides after 2pm for your second park.

Is there a perk if I'm staying at a Disney Resort?

Currently the only perk of the Disney Genie system for Disney Resort guests is that they will be able to purchase and reserve individual Lightning Lane rides starting at 7am. Off-site guests will have to wait until park opening to do so.

All other benefits of Disney Genie and Genie+ are identical for onsite and off-site guests.

Can annual passholders add Genie+ to their pass for the year?

There is currently no option to add Genie+ to an annual pass account.

If you have an annual pass you will be able to access Genie+ for $15 per day or individual Lightning Lane purchase on the day of your park visit.

I would not be surprised if this changes in the near future. If this changes this page will be updated with details.

If I pick a ride time can I change it or refresh the app for a better time?

It is my understanding that at the launch of Disney Genie+ you will only be able to select the first available time slot for a ride. So you wont have the option to pick a time later in the day.

That would mean that you would not be able to refresh the app to find different or better ride times.

This page will be updated if and when the app is updated (and we learn the tricks of the app!).

Will there be paper Lightning Lane tickets if I don't have a smartphone?

Currently it doesn't look like there will be a way to take advantage of Lightning Lane if you don't have a smartphone.

If this changes or we learn otherwise this page will be updated.

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