Capture Your Moment Private Photo Shoot Overview and Review

capture your moment overview and review

If you're looking to get some amazing photos of your family or special occasion at Disney World, you can now have a private photo session with a photopass photographer at Disney World.

The service is called Capture Your Moment, and here we'll talk about how it works, what it costs, my review, and photos from our family photo shoot.

What is Capture Your Moment?

Capture Your Moment is a private photo session held at any of the four parks at Disney World. You can reserve a 20 minute photo session with one of Disney's photopass photographers.

The photographer will take photos at 2-3 locations in the park you reserved. Not every location will be available, so be sure to discuss with the Cast Member any possible locations around the park that you might want to capture. Otherwise they can suggest photo spots around the Castle.

This is a perfect way to get amazing family photos, celebrate a birthday, honeymoon, or anniversary, or just strike a pose for fun!

If you want more than 20 minutes, you can book back to back appointments on Disney's website.

What Are the Capture Your Moment Options?

You can book a photo shoot at any of the four parks. You will NOT have access to the entire park for your photoshoot. Instead you will pick a couple of spots from a list of locations at that park. Here is what is offered at each park.

Magic Kingdom

This park has two different packages available:

  • Capture Your Moment Main Street U.S.A and Cinderella Castle
    • Includes two photoshoot stops on Main Street and in front of Cinderella Castle
  • Capture Your Moment Fantasyland and Beyond
    • Includes two photoshoot stops in Fantasyland and Liberty Square


  • Includes two photoshoot stops in World Showcase. Your options are Germany, Italy, American Adventure, Japan, or Morocco Pavilions.

Animal Kingdom

  • Includes two photoshoot stops with the Tree of Life as a backdrop.
  • Note that this experience is not available in Pandora

Hollywood Studios

  • Includes two photoshoot stops. You can chose from Hollywood Boulevard, Echo Lake, Sunset Boulevard or another beloved spot
  • Note that this experience is not available inStar Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

How to Book

If you want to book Capture Your Moment, you can do so on Disney's website.

You can also request a same day photo session by heading to one of the following locations (depending on the park):

  • Tony's Town Square Theater in Magic Kingdom
  • American Adventure Pavilion next to the Kidcot Fun Stop in Epcot
  • Sid Cahuenga's One-of-a-Kind at the entrance in Hollywood Studios
  • The ticket and information desk located outside of Island Mercantile in Animal Kingdom

There are a number of same day appointments available, but I would suggest checking early if you plan on trying for same day.

How Does It Work?

You can book your photo session online at Disney's website 60 days in advance.

Approximately 10 minutes before your photo session you'll need to check in for your appointment. You can check in at the following locations (depending on which park you are in):

  • Tony's Town Square Theater in Magic Kingdom
  • American Adventure Pavilion next to the Kidcot Fun Stop in Epcot
  • Sid Cahuenga's One-of-a-Kind at the entrance in Hollywood Studios
  • The ticket and information desk located outside of Island Mercantile in Animal Kingdom

The Cast Member will discuss photo locations and anything you might be celebrating or hoping to capture during your photo shoot.

Then your photographer will take you to your photo locations and shoot!

Capture Your Moment Cost

The price for the photo shoot is $99 for a 20 minute session.

It's important to note that this price is for the photo shoot ONLY. It does not include the cost of the actual photos.

So if you do not have Memory Maker or an annual pass that includes photos, you will have to purchase any photos that you want on top of the photo session fee.

If you need to purchase photos, you can do so on the Photopass website or ask the Cast Member at your check in location after your photo shoot.

Things to Know

Some other things Disney wants you to know before you book:

  • The Capture Your Moment photo experience is only available during regular park hours.
  • Valid park admission and park reservations are required and not included in the session price.
  • Full payment is due at time of booking.
  • No-shows or cancellations made within 24 hours of the reservation time will be charged the full price of the session.
  • A gratuity is not required.
  • Your photographer will tell you which locations are available at the start of your session. Locations are subject to change based on inclement weather and park operations.
  • Attire and Guest-supplied props must comply withWalt Disney World Resort Property Rules.
  • Guests under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (18 or older).
  • The maximum party size is 8 per session.
  • Wedding attire is not permitted.
  • Prices and services are subject to change without notice.

Capture Your Moment Review

My family and I were excited to try Capture Your Moment on our visit to Magic Kingdom. We weren't celebrating anything in particular, but I wanted some nice family photos so we decided to give this a try.

Our family includes myself and my husband, and our 3 kids.

It was an incredibly hot day the day we had our appointment, so I was worried that everyone would be miserable having to stand around and take photos.

I was so wrong.

Everyone had an absolute blast!

We checked in at Tony's Town Square Theater about 15 minutes before our appointment. I chatted with the Cast Member about just wanting some nice family photos, some individual photos of the kids, and that I wasn't sure where in the park I wanted to take photos.

The photographer suggested we start with some photos in the rose garden next to Tony's Town Square Theater.

garden photos

This wasn't my favorite photo location. Nothing about it said "Disney World" to me. But it also could have been that we were just warming up to taking modeling direction.

And we didn't spend too much time at this location. We quickly made our way over to the castle.

Our next stop was at the Castle spire in front of the hub. Honestly, this was an area that I have never really given a second look at (see the map screen shot below to see where we were).

magic kingdom map

At this location we were able to get several shots of the kids and family with the castle in the background.

This was a great photo stop.

There were no people around, we had shade, and the castle was prominent in the background.

capture your moment photos

We then moved to the walkway to the right of the castle.

While it was a fairly busy day at the parks, I've always found that the walkways to the side of the castle tend to be less crowded in general.

And our photographer must have known this too.

Because she arranged us in a line and asked us to hold hands and walk.

I wont lie. I initially thought this would be such a cheesy photo. But when I saw the photo later I knew I was wrong. It turned out to be my favorite!

capture your magic photos

We also took more individual photos at this location, with the castle in the background.

And amazingly, no other guests!

As we were finishing up our photo shoot, Tinkerbell made her way past us in a float. I picked up my 4-year old daughter so she could see better, and our photographer even managed to grab some great photos of the moment!

Tink even noticed and posed herself.

capture your moment

Overall we had a ton of fun with our photo session!

I thought it was a great way to capture the fun of our family vacation. I have so many amazing photos. The ones I shared in this article don't even scratch the surface.

If you are celebrating something special on your trip, this would be an amazing way to capture it.

Is Capture Your Moment Worth It?

Capture Your Moment is worth it for some people.

I will say, at the time that we did the photo session, the price was $50. So the increased pricing does sting a bit.

If you already have decided you want to buy Memory Maker on your trip, or if you have an annual pass that includes photos, this is a fun add on.

I would also say it is worth it if you are planning something special, like a Disney World proposal, birthday celebration, or honeymoon.

This is not worth it if you are on a tight budget for your trip, or don't plan on purchasing Memory Maker. If this is the case I would just ask a photopass Cast Member to take a photo of your group with your phone or personal camera.

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