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Double Your WDW Workbook



If you know you want to plan the best possible Disney World vacation but you're not sure where to start, or if you're dreading the hours of research required, this workbook is the perfect fit for you. Small enough to manage, but comprehensive enough to plan the best vacation possible, it's the perfect companion for someone just starting out on their Disney World journey.

Not sure where to start while planning your Disney World vacation? Worried you won't make the most of your time at the most magical place on earth?

When planning a trip to Disneyworld, the stakes are high. There are endless guides, videos, podcasts, articles, and more around the web. Worse yet, much of the information out there is out of date or flatly wrong.

When planning my extended family's first big trip to Disney World (for sixteen people!) I devoured all of the information I could find in an effort to maximize the return on fun that we'd get from collectively spending over $25,000 on our vacation. I started putting all of that info into emails to my family to help them have the best vacation possible. Pretty soon, I was providing that same guidance, tips, and travel hacks to my friends.

After that trip, I thought "why not put all of this information in one place? Why not share this information with everybody?"

Double Your WDW is all of the planning information that you need to plan the best trip that you can for your family in one easy to digest step-by-step guide.

I love planning, I love Disney World, and I love helping other people have a magical Disney World vacation because the thing that I hate to see is somebody who is overwhelmed and bogged down by planning their trip to the point that you just can't have a fun vacation.

I'll walk you through planning your vacation from start-to-finish step-by-step so that you too can get the most of your budget. (Step 1 is deciding on a budget... any budget.) Disney World is supposed to be fun and magical and I want to help you have that fantastic vacation that you and your children are dreaming about. In other words: I got you, babe.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Booking Worksheets
  3. Budgeting Guide
  4. Date Guide
  5. Resort Guide
  6. Ticket Guide
  7. Making a Daily Plan
  8. Restaurant Guide & Recommendations
  9. FastPass+ Guide & Recommendations
  10. Suggested Extras


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What's your refund policy?
If you feel the book is unsatisfactory (and you can tell us how so we can improve it) we're happy to give you a 100% refund within 14 days of purchase.

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    Cameron H.
    United States

    Great guide

    So far its helping us plan for our trip!

    A Double Your WDW Customer
    Kurt B.
    United States

    Should be required reading!

    Fantastic resource, really well thought out and explained in a way that even a Disney World novice can understand. A must-have if you're planning a vacation there anytime soon.

    Karim T.

    Although it's short it's ton of value!

    Fantastic book! Julie saved me hours and hours of research, I didn't even know where to start. If you are planning a Disney World vacation this guide is a "must read". Although it's short it has a ton of valuable information! Highly recommended!

    Sarah C.
    United States

    Super helpful

    Coordinating any trip with my family is a huge weight on my shoulders. Disney is especially tricky and awful for navigating with budget. Seriously, Julie’s advice is up to date and saved me so much time and money for my trip.

    Adam Till

    Makes the thought of a trip less...well...financially terrifying :)

    My parents weren't quite well off enough to take us to WDW when my brother and I were really young, but they turned it into a family trip when I was older (they "felt guilty" for not taking us earlier). Though the trip was a lot of fun, unfortunately I was also old enough so that most of what I remember was how expensive it was! As a result, I've sort of avoided the subject until now due to fear of sticker shock. After reading Julie's guide, I at least feel like I'm better prepared for taking my family to WDW. She does a great job of outlining what will be involved, and does a lot of the legwork that I tend to avoid under the principle of "it doesn't exist if I'm too scared to go looking for it" :) Particularly on the cost savings side, those tips can be hard to find in a sea of conflicting info, and make the small price of the guide more than worth it. If you're like me and don't love planning trips well in advance (life gets busy, and I can often barely keep up with this week let alone next year), you'll get a ton of help from this. Thanks Julie!