Touring Plans: How to Tour Hollywood Studios with Toddlers

Every Disney expert will tell you a good touring plan is essential for making the most of your Disney World vacation. But what exactly is a touring plan? And do I have to follow an exact plan in order to enjoy my vacation? Can I be spontaneous?

What is a touring plan?

A touring plan is your itinerary for the parks. I like to have a general idea of my day hour by hour. Keeping it by the hour, instead of, say, 15 minute intervals, gives you room to stop and enjoy things, park your stroller, grab a snack, hit the bathrooms, or whatever!

Do I NEED a touring plan?

While it certainly isn’t necessary to have a touring plan before you hit the parks, it definitely helps. If you are worried about the lines and the waits at Disney World, having a great touring plan can make all the difference.

What does a touring plan look like?

I have put together a basic touring plan for Hollywood Studios to help you navigate the park and get the most of your time. These are some of my favorite suggestions that have worked for me and my family. Grab fastpass+ rides based on what you and your family like. It is best to arrive at rope drop to make the most of your day!

The Fastpass+ suggestions:

  • Slinky Dog Dash*
  • Toy Story Mania*
  • Muppet Vision 3D
  • Star Tours
  • Frozen Sing-along

*These rides are Tier 1 rides. You can only book ONE of these for a fastpass+ ahead of time on any one day. If you plan on doing more than 1 Tier 1 ride plan on doing one or two at or around rope drop, and then fastpass+ the other for later in the day.


1st Hour (Rope Drop)

  • Slinky Dog Dash
  • Alien Swirling Saucers
  • Toy Story Mania (with Fastpass+)

2nd Hour

  • Disney Junior Live on Stage
  • Star Tours (with Fastpass+ if your child is tall enough)
  • Voyage of the Little Mermaid show

3rd Hour

  • Muppet*Vision 3D
  • Beauty and the Beast

Break for lunch

Repeat any rides your kids love

In my experience (especially with toddlers) this is a great time to take a break for a nap. My kids like to head back to the hotel to rest and swim. Especially in the extra hot summer months. Everyone can get rested and cool off before heading back to the park for a few more rides and dinner.

This is a plan that I like to use, but you can easily swap out rides for ones that your kids love. And if you can’t get one of the fastpass+ rides that I suggested, don’t sweat. You can always swap a fastpass+ ride with a rope drop ride.

Touring plans sound great, but can’t I just be spontaneous?

If you don’t think you can get your little ones up and out the door at rope drop, I feel you. I have suggestions forsleep in days as well. And I also suggest planning out your mornings, but leaving afternoons open so you can be spontaneous. Kids never cease to change their minds at the very last minute about rides, characters, or anything else they feel like. So having room for spontaneity, or even just to repeat rides the kids love is a must!

Check out more sample touring plans here!

Still confused or need help? I am happy tohelp!

See you at the parks!