The Best Spots to Watch Magic Kingdom Fireworks

There are lots of spots where you can catch the fireworks show at Magic Kingdom. And this guide will help you pick the best spot depending on how you want to enjoy the show.

magic kingdom fireworks

First, it's important to note that the show in Magic Kingdom is both fireworks and projection mapping on the castle. So different spots around the park may give you a different experience.

The Hub and Main Street

The hub is the circular area directly in front of Cinderella Castle. And there are several places where you can enjoy the show with an amazing view. Here is a quick map showing you where you'll find some of the best views.

Fireworks map

The areas marked in green will give you the best view of both the fireworks, and the projection show on the castle. But that doesn't necessarily mean that it's the best spot for you and your family.

If you want to grab a spot in the green area, you'll want to make sure you are at your spot at least 30 minutes before the show (if not earlier). Obviously this isn't ideal for everyone.

If you have smaller children, you may also find that they are going to have a harder time viewing the show. With crowds of people and being so close to the castle they may find the green area harder to see. You may actually have better luck in the yellow areas (which I'll get in to below).

The areas marked in orange indicate where you'll get a partial view of the show. This means that you'll probably only have a decent view of either the fireworks, or the projections on the castle. But not both.

If you are in the front part of the hub you'll be able to see the projections up close. But you wont be able to see the fireworks.

The areas to the sides of the castle marked in orange will have you at an angle. Projections will be harder to make out, and some fireworks may be blocked.

The pros to these areas though is you'll find it much easier to just walk up as the show begins and grab a spot. You most likely wont need to hold your spot before the show begins.

The areas marked in yellow are going to give you a pretty good view of the fireworks. This includes most of Mainstreet USA, and areas behind the hub. This also includes the train station.

Watching Fireworks From Rides

Some rides around Magic Kingdom will give you a fun and unique view of the fireworks. While I wouldn't recommend a ride if you want to catch the entire show, it's ideal for people who have seen the fireworks already, are interested in fireworks but don't see it as a priority, or want to hit rides during a low wait time.

magic kingdom fireworks

Some of my favorite rides to catch a glimpse of the fireworks are:

  1. Tomorrowland People Mover
  2. Tomorrowland Speedway
  3. Big Thunder Mountain
  4. Dumbo
  5. Splash Mountain

Note that you'll probably only catch glimpses of the fireworks on these rides. But I promise it'll be a really cool experience!

Watching Fireworks Outside of the Park

If are outside of the park, but want to catch the fireworks you do have options.

You wont be able to enjoy the projections from these spots, but you'll be able to see the fireworks and the shows music will be piped in at these locations.

The Ticket and Transportation Center dock is a great place to catch the fireworks if you are making an earlier exit from Magic Kingdom (as it's the parking lot for Magic Kingdom). Just note that you may be asked to keep moving by Cast Members.

The Polynesian and the Grand Floridian Resort Beaches are also great options to watch fireworks. At the Polynesian you can even grab a Dole Whip while you watch. These views wont give you a straight on view of the fireworks, but it's still a fun favorite!

California Grill (Or Top of the World Lounge if you are a DVC member) are both located at The Contemporary Resort. California Grill is a nice option because of the large windows and proximity to Magic Kingdom. You'll get a great view anywhere you sit. And if you have earlier reservations you can actually return to watch the fireworks from the balcony!

'Ohana is a restaurant located in the Polynesian Resort. The floor to ceiling windows mean that there is no bad view at this restaurant!

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