Space 220 Review: Is it Worth it?

space 220 dining room

If you're looking for the ultimate space-themed dining experience, look no further than Space 220 at Epcot. From the moment you step inside this futuristic restaurant, you'll feel like you've been transported to a real-life space station. The atmosphere is truly unique and something that can't be found anywhere else in Disney World.

Here is everything you need to know about Space 220 in Epcot.

Is Space 220 in Space?

Space 220 isn't actually located in space, but you will definitely feel like an astronaut when you step inside! Located in Epcot next to Mission Space in World Discovery, this restaurant brings a unique and unforgettable experience to Disney visitors. With its stunning theming inspired by the depths of outer space, dining at Space 220 is truly a one of kind dining experience.

What Does Eating at Space 220 Cost?

You have three options for dining at Space 220.

First is the restaurant. Lunch is served in the restaurant dining room from 11:30am to 3:55pm and costs $55 for adults and $29 for kids.

Dinner is served from 4pm to 8:40pm and costs $79 for adults and $29 for kids.

These prices include your Lift-Off (appetizer) and Star Course (entree). Drinks and desserts costs extra. The kids meals also come with Space 220 collectable cards.

Your second option is the lounge. If you dine in the lounge you can order any of the appetizer options a la cart. The prices range from $12-$24 depending on what you order. You can also order any alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.

While the lounge menu doesn't include the entree options, you can definitely ask your server and order an entree a la cart.

You can find the full menu on Disney's website.

Lastly you can sit at the bar in Space 220. There are only 10 seats available, and they are first come, first serve.

Reservations and Walk Up at Space 220

Getting a table at either the lounge or dining room will require you to make reservations in advance. You can do this by heading to Disney's website 60 days in advance.

Reservations for Space 220 can be extremely difficult to get. I would suggest being ready at the 60 day mark, and if you are staying at a Disney Resort, booking this reservation towards the end of your trip might be easier (you can read more about that and other tips for had to get reservations here).

If you want to try to walk up to get a table, currently your only option is to sit at the bar. If you decide that you want to do this, know that it isn't a virtual waiting list. You can't put your name in and then wander the park. It is a physical line, and if you leave you'll lose your spot. So if this is for you, get there early! And be ready to wait.

Space 220 Atmosphere

This is truly one of the most unique dining experiences you'll ever find. When you check in for your reservation you'll be given a boarding pass to get on the Centauri Space Station where the restaurant is located.

You'll take an elevator from here to get on the Space Station.

Space 220 elevator to space station

It is essentially a simulator experience. 

The simulator lets guests take off and explore the galaxy. As you make your ascent in the space elevator, you look up and see the space station drawing ever closer while down below Earth looks increasingly small.

Not to worry though - the elevator ride is surprisingly smooth and enjoyable even for those who suffer from motion sickness. But if you are concerned, just let a Cast Member know and you can bypass this part. After your intergalactic meal, it's time to get back on board the elevator for the return trip to Earth.

Wonder how they get fresh vegetables in space? After you exit the elevator you'll walk past a hydroponic lettuce wheel. It may sound lame, but it's extremely cool.

hydroponics lettuce in space 220

When you enter the dining room the focus is definitely the giant windows. Here you'll have an amazing view of Earth below. You'll also see the occasional space ship, astronaut, and even lightsaber battle.

Space 220 Review

We grabbed reservations for Space 220 Lounge for lunch. And while everything was very good, the definite stand out was NOT the food. It was the atmosphere. The giant windows is a show stopper. And the constant action keeps it interesting your entire meal.

The service was also top notch. In true Disney World fashion, every Cast Member we interacted with played the part of someone who works (and maybe even lives?) in a space station. Even to the point where our server told us that Space 220 had something Disney World didn't... plastic straws (there are no turtles in space is what he told us). While I appreciate the commitment to theming this one surprised me.

Blue Moon Cauliflower

First we ordered the Blue Moon Cauliflower. This tempura fried cauliflower was absolutely amazing. I like to pretend that I ordered something healthy, but there is no way this fried cauliflower was anywhere near healthy based on how delicious it was. It was served with house made hot sauce and blue cheese, neither of which were overpowering.

The other dish we ordered was the Chicken on Waffle. The waffle itself was made with smoked bacon and roasted corn, which wasn't our favorite. I think we would have preferred a more traditional waffle for this dish.

It was topped with both fried and shredded chicken, which were both delicious. Those were topped with coleslaw and a bourbon maple glaze.

We both really enjoyed our food. But the big disappointment would have to be the plate sizes. For $17 and $18 respectively, we had really small portions. 

In addition to the small plates, we also wanted to each try a fun drink. We asked our server for recommendations on one alcoholic and one non-alcoholic drink. We ended up going with the Imagination, a cocktail with Malibu and Bicardi Rum and several different juices. The glass has a pop rock rim, which is both fun and colorful. It was sweet and tasty, and NOT AT ALL watered down. So if you don't typically drink, prepare yourself!

We also ordered The Milky Way (labeled as a dessert drink). This chilled coffee and caramel drink was a delight. And it was even garnished with a fun size Milky Way candy bar.

drinks at space 220

Total our bill came out to $76 (after tax and tip). I personally thought it was steep for the amount of food we got. You are definitely paying a premium for the atmosphere.

I think this restaurant is worth it if you are looking for a unique splurge for your vacation. It can also definitely be worth it if you can grab a reservation for the lounge. Unlike the restaurant, the lounge lets you order a la cart. So your group can split a couple of appetizers, have a drink, and relax in the air conditioning (wait... that's not a thing in space, is it? Well. Cool off in however they cool down a space station).

The main restaurant can also be worth it depending on what you order. With a fixed price menu ($79 for adults for dinner), you aren't going to get value if you order the Gemini Burger (white cheddar bacon cheeseburger). But if you are planning on ordering the steak or seared tuna, you might find the value.

This restaurant is not worth the value if you are a light eater. If you're ordering the steak salad or burger, you wont be getting your monies worth. I would also say it's not worth it if you have kids ordering off of the kids menu. Paying $29 for chicken tenders and a scoop of ice cream seems like a bit much. I don't care how many "free" Space 220 trading cards they give my kids.

All in all we really enjoyed our meal at Space 220. We had fun watching ships and astronauts out the window. Our seat in the lounge gave us amazing views of the entire restaurant and all of the windows. The food was really tasty and the service was out of this world (sorry, I had to). I wont be making a return trip any time soon, but for an amazing and unique experience it was worth it.

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