Should I Use a Travel Agent?

For a long time I thought travel agents were a thing of the past.

You can book everything yourself online, and shop around for the best rates without ever leaving your couch.

So does that mean you shouldn't consider using a travel agent for your Disney World vacation? Let's go over the pros and cons of booking your vacation with a travel agent.

The Downside to Using an Agent

Not All Agents Are Created Equal

You will want to check (or ask for) reviews from prior clients, or make sure your agent is recommended through a trusted source.

Unfortunately there are many part time travel agents who think of it as more of a Disney hobby rather than a job. Make sure your agent is a pro.

Changes Must Go Through the Agent

If you want to make any changes to your reservation you will have to have your agent do this for you. You wont be able to call Disney yourself. Although, you might find this as perk if you don't want to sit on hold and wait for a Disney Cast Member. You can let your agent do that for you.

You Have to Give Up Control

Since your agent will be the one booking everything for you, you'll have to give up some control. I personally struggle with this. But I will say that a positive is that you can ask your agent to do as much or as little as you want. If you want your agent to help you plan your itinerary you can, or if you prefer to be spontaneous (or plan yourself) you can.

The Upside to Using an Agent

It's Free!

This is the best perk! You can have someone doing all of the heavy lifting for you, and it wont cost you a dime. Your agent can research pricing and compare options for you at no cost. Disney pays the agent a commission so that you can book with them at no extra charge.

They Know Their Disney Parks

Disney agents go through training to make sure they know the parks backwards and forwards. This can be a huge stress reliever to have someone in your corner who has Disney knowledge they can share with you.

They Can Look Out For Discounts

Was a discount released AFTER you booked? No problem! Your travel agent can look out for discounts and add them to your trip even after you have booked.

They Can Book For Large Groups

I went on an extended family trip to Disney World. There were almost 20 people in our group. Our travel agent arranged for certain rooms to be adjoining. Other rooms needed cribs. One room needed a specific location for a guest who had a harder time walking.

We all needed different things, and our agent was able to get it all together for us.

They Can Book Restaurants, and Extras

Don't feel like getting up at the crack of dawn to reserve your restaurants or extras? Your travel agent can help you out with that if you'd like. They can help you plan your day, and even book extras for you.

Bottom Line

Using a travel agent is not for everyone, but it definitely can be a time and stress saver. If you decide to book with a travel agent, I highly suggest you book with my personal agent, Siera Duiser.

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