Sanaa Restaurant Review

If you're heading to Disney World with your family, you owe it to yourself to dine at the exotic and unforgettable Sanaa Restaurant. As one of the best restaurants in Disney, this restaurant makes dining into an enjoyable and exotic adventure.

Located at the Animal Kingdom Villas - Kidani Village, Sana's menu is inspired by African and Indian flavors. Whether you're looking for an intimate dinner experience or a fun restaurant with savanna views, this place has something that will please everyone in your group.

Sanaa restaurant

Keep reading to find out why we think you need to put Sanaa on your list of must-visit destinations during your next visit to Disney World.

How to get to Sanaa

Sanaa is located in the Kidani Village at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. You'll find it down the staircase next to the front desk in the lobby.

Kidani village lobby

If you are staying at Animal Kingdom Kidani or Jambo House, you'll be able to walk to this restaurant. If not, getting here may take a bit of planning. Unfortunately, the only free transportation option at this resort is the bus.

If you plan on taking a bus from your resort, you'll want to give yourself some time. You'll need to first head to one of the parks (Animal Kingdom obviously being the closest). From there you'll want to transfer to an Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village bus.

If you decide to drive yourself or take a ride share service, know that when you get to the resort the security gate officer may require that you have an advanced reservation before they allow you in. This is up to their discretion.

What Does Eating at Sanaa Cost?

Sanaa offers a quick service breakfast option, and a table service lunch and dinner option.

Breakfast entrees range from $10 to $14 and include Eggs Benedict, french toast, and breakfast sandwich options. There are also grab and go options and kids meals for $4 to $8.

Lunch and dinner entrees include curry dishes, tandoor chicken, and other amazing options ranging from $21 to $32. But the real winner is the bread service appetizer for $21.

You can find the full menu on Disney's website.

Reservations and Walk Up at Sanaa

Getting a table will require you to make reservations in advance. You can do this by heading to Disney's website 60 days in advance.

Reservations for Sanaa can sometimes be difficult to get during busier seasons. I would suggest being ready at the 60 day mark, and if you are staying at a Disney Resort, booking this reservation towards the end of your trip might be easier (you can read more about that and other tips for had to get reservations here).

If you want to try to walk up to get a table, there is often availability. You can check for walk up availability in person or in the My Disney Experience app. Just know that you'll need to be near the restaurant for the walk up function in the app to work.

You can also try walk up for a seat in the lounge area at the restaurant. This is first come first serve, and is seating at the bar.

Sanaa Atmosphere

This restaurant is a vibrant and stunning stop, boasting an East African-inspired eatery and spice market with handcrafted decorations throughout.

But that isn't the thing that makes the atmosphere here unbeatable.

It's the giant windows that face out to the savanna at the restaurant. While you eat you'll have an amazing view of zebra, giraffes, and 30-something other species of animals.

Sanaa window seat

While almost every seat has a pretty decent view out in the savanna, the tables right up at the window are definitely the best. You can request a table by the window when you check in for your reservation, but you might have to wait longer for them to accomodate.

Sanaa Restaurant Review

When my family and I head to Disney World, we typically try to eat at a new place every trip. But Sanaa tends to be a restaurant we'll make an exception and eat at over again and again.

The bread service is a must. This appetizer includes 5 pieces of naan bread, and 9 dipping sauces. We've been known to head over to Sanaa just to have this appetizer as a lunch by itself.

Bread service

The sauces range from creamy and garlicky to extremely spicy. Don't like spicy? Just ask your server to swap the hot dips out for the less spicy. But honestly, I wouldn't if I were you. Some of the spicier dips are also the most flavorful, and you wont want to miss out on those.

For our main dishes we all tried different options. First up, the Sanaa burger. This is lowest price item on the menu, but that doesn't diminish this meal at all. If you are a burger lover, or aren't up for Indian-African cuisine, this is a tasty alternative. It's served with spicy mustard and peppadew goat cheese. While this wouldn't be my first choice for this particular restaurant (there are so many other amazing options here) this one is tasty.

Next on our list, the Zanzibari Vegetable Curry with Shrimp. The curry was flavorful, but slightly more mild than a more traditional curry. I was looking for that punch of spices, and I never really found it. If you are used to more authentic Indian cuisine, this might not be your favorite. But if this is your first time venturing in to Indian or African cuisine, this is a great place to start.

Shrimp curry

Last up for entrees is the Samaki Wa Kupaka, which is a fish dish served with cauliflower and coconut gravy. This was the most expensive thing we ordered, and unfortunately the one we liked the least. It was prepared beautifully, but again, the spice level wasn't where we hoped it would be. We'll be skipping this one next time.


With our meal we ordered a couple of the specialty drinks you can only find at this restaurant.

The African Star Mojito was refreshing and delicious. I would order this one again and again and again.

The Malawi Mango Margarita combined two of my favorite things, Mango and margaritas! This blended margarita was a hit. Tasty, but not too sweet.

mango margarita

Overall, Sanaa continues to be one of our favorite restaurants at Disney World. This restaurant can be a bit out of the way if you aren't staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge, but if you can find time to make your way over here, I would definitely do it!

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