Disney World Park Bag Essentials

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Traveling to Disney World means planning for a long day in Orlando. Which could include brutal heat, Florida downpours, and more.

Here are the items that I have found over the last several years make my day at the park so much easier:

External Battery Pack

External battery pack

Having a portable, external battery pack will be a life saver at the parks. These days your phone is used for your park ticket, your map, a way to look at dining menus, and more.

This battery pack is inexpensive and incredibly reliable (more so than the Fuel Rods that you can purchase at the parks. I do NOT recommend those unless you have no other choice).

Portable Fan

You have several options for fans depending on your needs and the size of your park bag.

Handheld Fan

If you are looking for something smaller to fit in a small bag or fanny pack, I recommend this small USB charged fan.

It's a small and lightweight fan. You can charge it in your room with a USB charger, so no need to carry or worry about batteries.

Misting fan

Another great fan option is a misting fan. This fan will keep you cool, is USB charged, and works beautifully. The downside is that this fan will take up more space than the other fan listed, and run through battery life a little faster.

Cooling Towel

Cooling Towel

In our search to beat the Orlando heat, this cooling towel has been a life saver for our family. It works remarkably well. You just wet it, wring it out, and put it around your neck. The towel stays cool for a long time, and feels amazing in the Florida heat!

Ponchos or Pocket Umbrella

My husband and I debate over which is better... ponchos or pocket umbrellas.

Disposable ponchos are easy to stuff in to even the smallest of bags, and can be tossed when you are done. But the downside is they can feel hot if you have to wear one for a long period of time.

Umbrellas take up more room, but there is no waste involved, and no fighting the humidity or heat.

Either way, you'll want to pack one or both!

Cooling Wipes

cooling wipes

If you are hot and need a quick cool off on the go, Duke Cannon makes travel wipes that include menthol.

These wipes will remove dirt and sweat, but also give you a refreshing cooling feeling, and I can't say enough how much I love them.

Have Any Other Must Have Items?

Let me know! I'd love to hear what you use in the parks!

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